Anker PowerLine – One of the Best USB Cables Available

ankerlineThere are so many USB cables available in the market that choosing from among the several similar looking cables can be difficult and may even be faulty. For those looking for a USB cable with great performance and one that can go with any device, Anker PowerLine micro USB may be the best solution. It offers four variations in length of 1/3/6/10 feet long to serve all purposes. These are reasonable and highly durable cables that promise fastest speeds of charging and syncing.

Anker is highly reputed for delivering great quality hardware and customer services. The Anker PowerLine micro USB is made of Kevlar fibres that are great for daily usage and can withstand daily pressure along with PVC strain relief collars.

Why Anker PowerLine micro USB cables:
These cables can be used to charge or sync any device with a micro USB port, at the fastest speed. Its data transfer rates are as good as any available in the same price range. It is made of highly durable material. It emphasizes on durability because it is made of Kevlar fibres that can stand a bullet. The plug is shielded in high quality PVC visible as a hard plastic case holding the plug. Anker USB cables aim at a durability of at least 10000 bends which is 10 times more than the normal USB cables available. Very often the customer complains of large plug housing that is not compatible with all mobile cases. The Anker plug power housing has been much appreciated for being very case compatible.

The cable can draw a current up to 1.8 Amps cancelling out on the energy loss, which is as good as any of the best cables available. The cables were tested for data transfer and gave read and write speeds of 41Mbps which lies within the range of the best and fastest cables available. Anker also provides an 18 months warranty period on the micro USB cable and great customer care.

The variable length availability of the cables makes it very comfortable to use. The short 1 ft long cable can be used when it is convenient to charge close to the power supply, like the power banks. The 3 ft long cable is ideal for travel purposes and is handy. The 10 ft long cable can be used around the house when the power source is far off or when you just want to lie in bed and use your device while it is charging.

Anker is available in multipacks of 3 – 6 cables of varying lengths when you want to have more than one around and they are available at nominal rates.

Anker has been tested by several reviewers over long periods of time and testing. Anker has great reviews on icordination, fakespot and even on Amazon. To prolong the life of the cables it would be best to hold the plug housing while plugging and unplugging. Never pull at the cable as it will loosen the connection between cable and connectors. Keep the cables loosely coiled.