Benefits of Early Childhood Dentist Visits

Keeping the Pearly White Gates Polished!

As a parent, it may not seem all that important to keep the teeth of your child, clean.  We know that childrens’ teeth are small and will eventually fall out.  That they will chew all sorts of sweets, and candies and maybe, if they are anything like Dennis The Menace, a few rocks!   That said, it is critical in early childhood development, that the teeth and the gums are kept healthy. We now know that a whole host of biological setbacks can take place when the nerves that are attached to the teeth are attacked and may even provide reason for the body to stunt growth, brain development and speech evolution.

Healthy Nerves in the Gums for Kids

How does this work exactly, you may wonder.   Well, that;s a worthwhile wonderment as an adult or child caretaker of any youth.   The nerves of the teeth are connected into the neurological system of the body.  We want all of the developoing nerves in the body to function as well as possible and not delay any information coming from throughout the body to the brain.   By ensuring that all nerves are growing as robustly as they can, sending back electrical impulses to the brain, without inhibition, we encourage the entire nervous system to function at peak performance.  This helps teach the brain to expect the very best from all nerves throughout the body and when any particular impediment does arise,  it will force the nerves to respond well.   This is a reason to make sure that children’s teeth and gums are kept clean.  It encourages the rest of the body to do just as well.

Early Childhood Tooth Loss

The development of the teeth is a very particular process.  The body uses criticla nutrients in the body to grow the powerful teeth we use to crush food and make it digestible in the body.  For this reason, it is imperative that children are taught tooth-loss prevention.   If a child loses a tooth early, they will understand the pains of not having those teeth.  In line with this, it will be possible for them to use that early childhood experience to stimulate a greater are for their adult teeth. In line with this it is imperative that a rigid structure is setup so that they know how to maintain good tooth health so that when they are an adult, they will not lose their teeth inappropriately.  Got to keep those teeth in good shape!

What Type of Dentist is Best

The best dentist for your child is called a Pediatric Dentist.  We actually really like Pediatric Dentist San Jose 

They provide your child with all of the education and tools they will need to ensure they keep a happy, healthy smile through their childhood and into their adult life.  Remeber, if you are going to see a dentist for your child, it is important that you see a Pediatric Dentist.  They have been especially trained to deal with the young mouth and all of it’s precious nerves.   Hope this article has helped in understanding why it is important to pick the right dentist for your child!