Tips To Bring In More Patients To Your Dental Practice


As in other businesses a dental practice cannot survive without bringing in more patients. Unlike other businesses, a dental practice requires people who value their dental health and are willing to devote some time to it. Marketing a dental practice to the right kind of people can help bring in more patients to the clinic thus increasing its profitability. Custom Smile Designs is a good example of a dental practice which has successfully created a niche in today’s competitive market. The most effective way of pulling in more patients is using the ever trusted method of patient referrals. If patients are satisfied with your method of treatments, they will be more than willing to refer you to their friends and families.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep current patients as well to get them to refer their friends, family, colleagues and social circle contacts to you:

Be sincere
Always thank your patients for coming in and mention it was good to see them. This sign of courtesy will make an impression on the patient’s mind

Clinic Ambience
Make sure that the clinic ambiance has a comfortable and inviting feel to it.

Keep Your Appointments
In today’s busy world, no one has the time to wait, most patients manage to come visit the dentist in between work or during their lunch hour. They would appreciate it a lot if you stick to the appointment provided to them and not make them wait any longer in the office.

Answer questions patiently
Most patients have various questions before undergoing a treatment. They would appreciate it a lot if you took the time to explain the procedure to them and clear their doubts. This helps to put the patient at ease.

Display Posters
Posters about the treatments offered at your clinic which are nicely framed and hung around the office can add to the ambiance as well as give market your treatments to the patients in the waiting area.

Treat Patients respectfully
Do not treat patients according to the way they are dressed, rather treat everyone equally. First and foremost they are all human beings in pain in need of your attention. Present all your treatments plans and let them decide rather telling them about only the lower cost treatments.

Appointment Reminders
Since most patients have an appointment every 6 months, it is a good idea to remind them via email or phone about their upcoming appointment. This ensures that the patient shows up on time in addition to keeping your schedule running smoothly.

There are other ways to increase the visibility of your dental clinic among prospective patients. Social Media marketing is one of them, using Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram can bring a lot of patients who are new to the area as well patients belonging to the younger demographic. A website also helps to promote your website, but make sure it is done by professionals and includes all the important details like your exact location as well as the treatments offered.